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    On this page are links to the various websites and forums that have relevance to the JP Kirkpatrick Genealogy and Family Site.  They will run from that which is connected to the pursuit of Genealogy to that of Americanism, Patriotic, Government, Military, Shooting Sports & Shopping.
     If you have a website, and feel that you would like to be included on this reference page, please use the contact form and send us an email and we will visit your site and gather a feel for what it is and let you know when it is included.
     Thank you for spending some time with us today and exploring this website and your family lines, if you have any additions, changes, corrections, please use the Contact Us form and let us know.  While you are still here, please take a few minutes and sign-in on the Guest Book.  Who knows, a long lost cousin or other family member might happen upon your entry and renew that lost contact.  It has happened before...

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