Veterans Organizations
     Veterans Organizations exist in order that the lone Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine or Coast Guardsman will have fair treatment after his service to his country.  They exist for his social needs and the brotherhood that existed while he was in service to his country.  All too often, lofty promises have been made in order to obtain his service in times of need, only to be forgotten in HIS time of need; after he has been wounded, injured or rendered incapable of supporting himself and his family.  At times of National Need, our nation's leaders rush to insert our brave men and women into the conflict without fully thinking through the actual costs of armed conflict.  The costs are not just to be figured on the materials and equipment needed to wage battle, the support items of food, clothing, shelter and immediate medical treatment; they MUST also consider the human costs of the investment of our peoples blood, the wounded and disabled bodies that are a direct result of armed conflict, and the strife and stress that is inflicted upon the family fabric over the many years that our valiant servicemen and women continue to live through.  To this end, the government has established the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as their representative, their broker for the proper treatment and care of our brave men and women.  Unfortunately, the VA has become adversarial in adjudicating these claims and more often than not, turned their back on those that they were created to care for.  Enter the Veteran Service Organizations and their various Service/Representation Departments to champion the veteran.
     President Abraham Lincoln said it best on the occasion of his second inaugural address; " care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan ...", recognizing that the government, having required the services of it's men and women to defend this nation, has incurred a debt to those who have borne this heavy cost, and must repay them by fulfilling their promises, not reneging on their word.
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