Seventh Generation

1328. Elizabeth F. Booth was born on 16 June 1842 in Chester District, South Carolina. She died on 26 October 1915 at the age of 73 in Jackson Co., Oklahoma.

Elizabeth Booth was born 16 June 1842 in Chester District, South Carolina and died 26 October 1915 in Jackson County, Oklahoma. She married first William Darden, but had no children by him. She married second, in 1877, to Robert H. Hooker.

There were three (3) children born of the second marriage.

Elizabeth F. Booth and William Darden were married on 6 April 1866 in Lowndes Co., Mississippi.500 William Darden was born in 1844 in Mississippi.4

Robert H. Hooker was born about 1847 in Texas.5 He lived in Hill, Texas, United States in 1880.5

Elizabeth F. Booth and Robert H. Hooker had the following children:



James Hooker was born in 1870 in Texas.510



Maude Hooker.



Betty Mae Hooker was born in 1880 in Hill Co., Texas. She died in 1882 at the age of 2 in Hill Co., Texas.



Molly Hooker was born on 4 October 1883 in Hill Co., Texas. She died on 29 October 1889 at the age of 6 in Hill Co., Texas.