Sixth Generation

842. Thomas Lane Kirkpatrick was born on 22 February 1823 in Illinois.365 He died Consumption on 11 November 1849 at the age of 26 in Adams Co., Illinois.366 He was also known as Thomas L. Kirkpatrick.366 Thomas was born 22 February 1823 and died 11 November 1849. He married 11 May 1844, Elizabeth Amens (or Amend), who was born in Germany. In 1850 she and her two elder children were living with Augustus B. Kirkpatrick, her father-in-law. It is unknown where the third child, Louise, was. [Since entry was made this information was found, see Louise].
Mortality Index: United States, Illinois Mort Sch, ADAMS CO., Illinois 1850
Individual: Kirkpatrick, Thomas L.
Age: 27
Birth place: Illinois
Death: Nov of 1849 or 1850
Cause of death: Consumptn

Thomas Lane Kirkpatrick and Elizabeth Amens were married on 11 May 1844 in Adams Co., Illinois.89 Elizabeth Amens was born in 1823 in Germany.367

Thomas Lane Kirkpatrick and Elizabeth Amens had the following children:



Lucy Ellen Kirkpatrick.



Mary Elizabeth Kirkpatrick was born in 1846 in Illinois.368



Louise J. Kirkpatrick was born about 1848 in Illinois.366 She died in April 1849 at the age of 1 in Adams Co., Illinois.366