Sixth Generation

838. Mariam Melinda Maughs was born on 18 April 1843 in Bellevue, Jackson Co., Iowa. She died on 30 July 1926 at the age of 83 in Eureka, Kansas. She was buried in Clayton, Adams Co., Illinois.

Mariam Maughs was the eldest child of Daniel Merrill and Margaret D. (Kirkpatrick) Maughs. She was born at Bellevue in Jackson County, Iowa on 18 April 1843 and died 30 July 1926. She married Charles H. Bostick on 19 February 1863 at Augusta in Hancock County, Illinois. He was born in January 1840 at Lawrence, Indiana, and died 8 February 1910 at Clayton in Adams County, Illinois. Mariam died at Eureka, Kansas, but is buried in Clayton, Illinois. Bostick saw service in the Civil War with the 119th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He suffered from an ear infection in the service, an ailment from which he never fully recovered.

There were five (5) children born of the marriage.

Mariam Melinda Maughs and Charles H. Bostick were married on 19 February 1863 in Augusta, Hancock Co., Illinois. Charles H. Bostick was born in January 1840 in Lawrence, Indiana. He died on 8 February 1910 at the age of 70 in Clayton, Adams Co., Illinois.

Mariam Melinda Maughs and Charles H. Bostick had the following children:



Nellie B. Bostick was born on 11 July 1865.



Carrie M. Bostick.



Francis K. Bostick was born on 12 September 1870 in Illinois.



Freddie C. Bostick was born in February 1875 in Illinois.



Lizzie M. Bostick was born in 1878 in Illinois.