Fifth Generation

265. Thomas Shelby Kirkpatrick was born in 1814 in Illinois.27 He died after 1880 at the age of 66. Thomas Shelby Kirkpatrick was born circa 1814 in Illinois. He married Louisa Pettyjohn who was born circa 1819 in Illinois. They lived, at least for a time, in Grant County, Wisconsin. Thomas and Louisa were married 22 July 1836.

Thomas and Louisa had six children.
Location on U. S. Censuses:

1850 in Eastern District, Grant Co., Wisconsin. Thomas his wife Loisa and children Sarah A., John A. and Marchasons. Thomas was a teamster.

1860 in Clifton, Grant Co., Wisconsin. Thomas is a farmer. The family consists of Thomas Louisa, Sarah, Thomas, Adeline, Scott, William and Clifton Clinton (Sarah's husband).

1870 in Boscobel, Grant Co. Wisconsin. The family consists of Thomas, a teamster with his wife Louisa and Marachones (male, age 11). Listed next on the census is their son-in-law Horace Rosemire, their daughter Marchoines and their grand son Burton L. Rosemire.

1880 in Humboldt Co., Humboldt Co., Iowa. Thomas S. Kirkpatrick appears with wife Phoebe and son Marsden age 21. Thomas and Phoebe are both weavers. Marsden is a teamster.

Thomas Shelby Kirkpatrick and Louisa Pettyjohn were married on 22 July 1836. Louisa Pettyjohn was born in 1819 in Illinois.131 She died between 1870 and 1878 at the age of 51.

Thomas Shelby Kirkpatrick and Louisa Pettyjohn had the following children:



Sarah Almira Kirkpatrick.



Thomas Kirkpatrick.



John Albert Kirkpatrick.



Marchiones Kirkpatrick.



Scott Marsden Kirkpatrick was born in 1857 in Wisconsin.132



William Kirkpatrick was born about 1859 in Wisconsin. He died before 1870 at the age of 11.

Thomas Shelby Kirkpatrick and Phoebe T. Ball were married on 30 May 1878 in Grant Co., Wisconsin.132 Phoebe T. Ball was born in 1815 in New York.132