Fifth Generation

209. Josiah Kirkpatrick was born on 7 August 1798 in Wilson Co., Tennessee. He died on 16 March 1872 at the age of 73 in Warren Co., Illinois.

Josiah was born 7 Aug 1798, Wilson County, TN, where he grew up on his father's farm. In 1818 he served in the Seminole War under the command of General Andrew Jackson. Records from the National Archives record that "Josiah Kirkpatrick" served as a private in Brannan's 1st Volunteer Mounted Gunmen of West Tennessee*. On 19 April 1819 he married Nancy (Chowning) Telford, a young Wilson County widow. She was born 7 April 1791 and was the widow of Robert Telford. She had two children by her first marriage, Thomas E. Telford, born 1 Feb 1815, and Elizabeth Telford, born 6 Jun 1816.

Shortly after their marriage, Josiah and Nancy moved to Bond County, Illinois, probably to the part of the county that later became Montgomery County, where Josiah's father had moved several years earlier. They probably moved in 1820 because they appear both in the Wilson County and in the Bond County 1820 census. On 21 Sep 1821 he bought from the land office at Edwardsville, 80 acres of federal land located in East Fork Township in present Montgomery County, adjacent to 160 acres purchased a little earlier by his father and close to 80 acres purchased by his brother Thomas. Today the land is on the western edge of the Coffeen Reservoir. The family apparently were members of the Bear Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church which was located two or three miles from where Josiah and Nancy lived.

Probably in 1824 or 1825, Nancy died. Sometime between 1825 and 1827, Josiah moved along with other family members to Sangamon County, Illinois, where on 21 Aug 1827, he married Mary (Arnold) Hensley, who was born 24 Aug 1792 in Ohio or Kentucky. Mary was the widow of Simon Hensley, whom she had married 2 Feb 1820 near Dayton, OH. In 1823 they moved to Sangamon County, where Simon died 12 Aug 1826. They had four children, John Hensley, Samuel Hensley, James Hensley and George Hensley. Simon in his will dated 20 May 1825, appointed Ezekiel J. Gillham and Samuel G. Morse (Josiah's brother-in-Law) to see to the education of his sons.

Mary and Josiah lived on the Hensley Farm just north of the old town of Berlin in a log cabin, and continued to farm there until the Hensley boys were old enough to take over on their own. During their residence in Sangamon County, Josiah was an election judge for the Island Grove District in 1835. Also a tax list for 1835 survives and reveals that Josiah and Mary paid $4.07 tax for 203 acres of land on Spring Creek.

In 1835 Josiah and Mary purchased two pieces of land in Warren County, Illinois, south of what is now Roseville, a total of approximately 140 acres in Swan Township. Approximately 1837 or 1838 they moved to this new property. Mary was or became a Methodist and was one of the organizing members of a Methodist Church in the neighborhood in 1839. From the fall of 1841 to the Spring of 1842, the meetings of this church were held at Josiah and Mary's home. Josiah, however probably remained a Presbyterian for when a Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized in 1863, he was one of the Charter Members.

Mary died 1 Oct 1857, and is buried in the Roseville Cemetary in Warren County, Illinois. In 1859 Josiah married yet another widow, Mrs. Eliza D. Kinkade, of industry, Illinois, who was born circa 1810 in Kentucky. She had at least two children by her first marriage, Jolila Kinkade, born circa 1846, and Hardin Kinkade, born circa 16 March 1872. He is buried in the Roseville Cemetery, Warren County.


* Many years later, in 1853, Josiah received a warrant for 80 acres of land in Iowa for this service (Warrant No. 15243). The warrant was assigned to Caroline J. Tucker.

Josiah Kirkpatrick and Nancy Chowning were married on 19 April 1819 in Wilson Co., Tennessee. Nancy Chowning was born on 7 April 1791. She died in Montgomery Co., Illinois.

Josiah Kirkpatrick and Nancy Chowning had the following children:



Sarah N. Kirkpatrick.



Robert Marshal Kirkpatrick.



Adaline Kirkpatrick.



Nancy Jane Kirkpatrick.

Josiah Kirkpatrick and Mary Arnold were married on 21 August 1827 in Sangamon Co., Illinois. Mary Arnold was born on 24 August 1792 in Ohio or Kentucky. She died on 1 October 1857 at the age of 65 in Warren Co., Illinois.

Josiah Kirkpatrick and Mary Arnold had the following children:



Jacob Kirkpatrick.



Mary Ann Kirkpatrick.

Josiah Kirkpatrick and Eliza D. McClure were married on 9 September 1858 in McDonough Co., Illinois.20 Eliza D. McClure was born on 12 September 1808 in Kentucky.9 She died on 22 December 1877 at the age of 69.85 She was buried in Camp Creek Cemetery, McDonough Co., Illinois.9