Seventh Generation

1659. Adeline E. Kirkpatrick was born on 7 September 1909 in Butte Co., California.276 She died on 23 May 1968 at the age of 58 in Sacramento, Sacramento Co., California.276 A search of the Sacramento Bee and Sacramento Union newspapers by the Sacramento Public Library on April 5, 2006, did not find an obituary on Adeline (Kirkpatrick) Dauster.

Adeline E. Kirkpatrick and Kenneth V. Allen were married in 1922.636 Kenneth V. Allen was born in 1900 in California.636

Adeline E. Kirkpatrick and Kenneth V. Allen had the following children:



Charles H. Allen was born on 24 January 1923 in Butte Co., California.633,636 He died on 20 May 1943 at the age of 20 in Plumas Co., California.276



Kenneth Vernon Allen was born in 1925 in Butte Co., California.



Elinor Mae Allen was born in 1928 in Butte Co., California.



Emma Marie Allen was born in 1930 in Butte Co., California.

Adeline E. Kirkpatrick and ??? Graham were married in 1942. ??? Graham was born (date unknown).

Adeline E. Kirkpatrick and ??? Dauster were married in 1955. ??? Dauster was born (date unknown).