Eighth Generation

2917. Frank Smith Kirkpatrick was born on 17 March 1899 in Monmouth, Warren Co., Illinois.609 He died on 20 November 1948 at the age of 49 in Fort Myer, Arlington Co., Virginia.1217 He was buried in Wichita Park Cemetery, Wichita, Sedgwick Co., Kansas.610 Frank Smith Kirkpatrick was born in Monmouth, Illinois, on 17 March 1899. He attended grammar school in Peoria and graduated from high school in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He was a member of the Student Army Training Corps of World War 1 days. He was a member of the unit at Bradley Polytechnic Institute at Peoria, Illinois in l918. His whole life as one of movement due to his father's occupation.

The year 1919 found him at Fairmount college, Wichita, Kansas and it was there he was appointed to the Military Academy. He entered West Point on 1 July 1920, and selected Field Artillery as his branch. He was a member of the class of l924.

His first station was Fort Sam Houston, Texas where he served with the 15th Field. He was then off to duty with the lst Field at Fort Sill during the years l927-1929. He went to the Philippines as a 1st Lt. in l930 where he served with the 24th Field Artillery. Back in the states in l933, he was assigned to the Presidio of Monterey, Calif. From l937 to l940 he was Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics at the Univ. of Ill. With the expansion of the regular army in l940, he was ordered to Ft. Bragg, N.C. with the 84th Field Artillery (l05 mm gun). IN l942-1943 he attended course at the Command and General Staff School.

In l943, now a colonel, after a short period with X Corps Headquarters, Sherman, Texas, he was assigned to the 44th Infantry Division Artillery, Fort Lewis, Washington, and went to the European theater with the division. In July, l945, he was transferred to the Pacific Theater, and served as Corps artillery officer X Corps and IX Corps until August l947.

Returning to the states, he was assigned as senior instructor, Missouri Reserves, at St. Louis, and was then named a member of the Army personnel Records Board. It was during this tour at Fort Myer, Virginia that he died on 20 November l948.

Kirk married Priscilla Austin at Austin, Texas on 23 July l927. He was stationed at Ft. Sam at the time. The couple had three children, Donald, Elizabeth, wife of Major Ray B. Stice, Marine corps pilot, and son of Kenneth S. Stice, West Point l918, and Edwin who graduated with his LLB from UT in l965. Kirk's wife, Priscilla, was the Executive Secretary to the Adjutant General of Texas for 20 years.

Kirk delighted in appearing gruff, but beneath that exterior was a kindly, personable character. He was determined to do his best for the Service - with loyalty and integrity. He was not one to say much, but he did his job well. Kirk was the last person in the world to expect flowery phrase about himself, for he never curried favor. It seemed always to be his aim to help others rather than himself. Above all, he was an honorable and high-principled officer and a loving and beloved husband and father.

(Biography provided by Frank's daughter, Elizabeth Lord (Kirkpatrick) Stice)

On the 1930 U. S. Census of Lawton, Comanche Co., Oklahoma Frank S. Kirkpatrick appears with his wife Priscilla and children Donald and Elizabeth. Frank is a 1st Lt. in the U. S. Army.

Frank Smith Kirkpatrick and Priscilla Austin were married on 23 July 1927 in Austin, Travis Co., Texas.1217 Priscilla Austin was born on 14 September 1905 in Illinois.1217,1218 She died on 7 April 1970 at the age of 64.1217

Frank Smith Kirkpatrick and Priscilla Austin had the following children:



Donald Joseph Kirkpatrick was born in 1928 in Oklahoma.



Elizabeth Lord Kirkpatrick.



Edwin Loren Kirkpatrick II.